Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Styrofoam Cup Spring Hats : Q&A

Styrofoam cup hats are a really fun craft, but results will definitely vary. Ginger, a FamilyCorner reader, was having some troubles with this craft and asked for advice. 

Q: I need HELP!  I'm having trouble w/the styrofoam cup spring hats. They're not melting w/a brim and I had them in oven 1 1/2 hrs & the cup just keeps shrinking. I went by the instructions 250 @ 3 min. & the cup curled under so I reduced the temp. I reduced the heat to 230 and it just shrank w/no brim on it {do I have to form brim when it comes out?}. What am I doing wrong??? My great nieces would like to make theses for their mom for Mother's Day.

A: I would suggest trying 1 or 2 cups at a time at different temps. Try increasing the temp to 300 and watch them carefully. Usually when I do these I will end up with a bunch that curl up as well. Also, when trying one or two, if they curl up, leave them in a little longer, sometimes they will actually flatten out. But if you pass the 8 minute mark I would say they aren't going to change much after that. Unfortunately, this is one of those experimental type projects as all ovens are not created equal.

Also, instead of throwing out the cups that curled up, turn them over and make them into little mini flower pots! Have the kids make little fingerprint flowers with paint and construction paper and glue them inside, fill the gaps with cotton balls or little pieces of tissue paper :)

If you would like to try your hand at these, get the instruction for Styrofoam Cup Spring Hats on

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  1. I have done these years ago. It was in a Carol DuVall booklet. I used to put a ball of foil under the cup so it has something to keep it from falling flat. Try this, I will look for booklet with directions in. and post later if this doesn't work.