Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brainetics - A Breakthrough Math & Memory System

Brainetics, an innovative system that is making learning exciting again. Through fun games and entertaining tricks, Brainetics is teaching kids how to master the priceless skills of focus, following directions, problem solving, organizational skills and memory improvement.

Its not just kids who are utilizing the program. In fact over 35 percent of users are adults and seniors. Parents are using the program to get an edge at the workplace and Seniors are using it to stave off mental aging. Brainetics is a high-energy program that challenges a person - at his / her own pace - with fun mental tasks that help one concentrate, focus, and build mental processing at the same time.

The creator of Brainetics, Mike Byster - once named the fastest mathematical brain in the world - has figured out how to teach kids the skills to increase their mathematical, memory, problem solving and mental organization capacity beyond what they, or their teachers thought was possible.

Brainetics teaches your brain to behave like a computer. It will receive information, store it and memorize all the relevant information while ignoring the unecessary information.

There are three powerful reasons why Brainetics work so well:

1. Brainetics teaches how to MASTER all the vitally important learning SKILLS (focus, concentration, problem solving, thinking outside the box, organizational, increased mental capacity and memory) that are rarely taught in schools and people lack throughout their lives.

2. Brainetics trains two different parts of the mind to work simultaneously yet independently of each other. One part memorizes information while another part is sorting and processing new information. The mind will begin to work much more efficiently and be more powerful giving Brainetics kids a huge advantage throughout their academic lives and beyond.

 3. Brainetics is incredibly fun. Brainetics will never seem like a chore and everything is very fun and cool to learn for all ages and ability levels. Brainetics can either be learned alone, or entire families can learn together.

The Brainetics kit includes:

5 educational DVD's that guide your student through a process of interesting and motivating lessons:
DVD 1 Focuses on following directions, concentrating and detecting patterns in numbers
DVD 2 Helps students overcome math anxiety through fun tricks and games
DVD 3 Introduces math shortcuts enabling kids to do complex math in their mind
DVD 4 Develops mental multi-tasking to help solve any math problem
DVD 5 Applies Brainetics skills to improve mental capacity and memory recall.  

Brainetics also comes with a Parent's manual for added lessons and tips for success, a Playbook to with practices and exercises, plus Flash Cards and Playing Cards for extra enjoyment!

For more information and to watch a video on it, visit their website,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Delicious, Certified Organic Halo Bars

What if there was a snack that could satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth that had zero grams of guilt?

HALO, the delicious between meals treat that’s designed to do better for your body.

HALO Bars are certified organic, a good source of Omega 3 & 6, low-in-sugar and dairy-free/Vegan, but break new ground with four decadent dessert-themed flavors:

Nutty Marshmallow
Rocky Road
Honey Graham.

 HALO is:

    * Sinfully Healthy Snack
    * Certified Organic
    * Only 150 Calories
    * Low in Sugar
    * Vegan and Dairy Free
    * All Natural
    * Good Source of Omega 3 & 6

Look for HALO bars in REI as well as your local natural food, grocery and outdoor shops. Learn more at their website,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sceptre 19-inch LED HDTV DVD Combo

About this great TV: 

Sleek widescreen LED HDTVs feature built-in DVD players and clutter-free design

Widescreen LED display features ultra-fast 5 ms response time and auto contrast enhancement

DVD player integrated into the unit's ultra-slim design

Dual HDMI ports and a USB port further expands functionality

Energy Star 3.0 complied saves power

Black finish with striking chrome accents

Available at: Target, NewEgg, Sears and Costco

Suggested Retail Price: $269.00

From Our Reviewer: 

Jodi says: "What a space saver! (ultra-slim for sure) Great design with awesome picture clarity. The size is perfect, and can fit just about anywhere! No need for a wall unit, since the DVD player is encased in the unit. This would be great in a kitchen, family room, kids room, or a garage (yes my spouse has a tv mounted in the garage.). Any place you want or need a TV, this is an ideal choice. The 24' comes in chrome, black, red, white, pink, or blue and you can match it any d├ęcor is just awesome!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nightwave Sleep Assistant

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

We all know that getting a good night's sleep improves our overall health, and parents need that more than anyone! After a busy day, when you lay down and your mind is racing, how can you fall asleep quickly to make the most of the precious few hours you¹re given?

Solve your sleep problems – naturally.

    * Quiet your mind
    * Relax your body
    * Wake up refreshed

NightWave Sleep Assistant eliminates tossing and turning and helps you fall asleep naturally. You get the rest you need to feel great in the morning for the rest of your life.

NightWave Sleep Assistant helps people who suffer from sleep loss due to:

    * Over-stimulation from an active mind
    * Environmental and lifestyle stresses
    * Jet lag and unfamiliar sleep surroundings

NightWave focuses your mind and regulates your breathing to elicit a natural relaxation response in the body and help you fall asleep. A small device for your nightstand, it uses a soft blue light to silently guide your breathing and focus your mind. Users lie with their eyes open and synchronize their breathing with the rise and fall of the soft light as its movement becomes slower and slower. After a shore time, NightWave shuts off and you fall asleep. Unlike sound machines,the soft light does not disturb others.

With NightWave, adults and children alike begin to relax within minutes and then easily drift into sleep. NightWave is also great for returning to sleep in the middle of the night. NightWave is battery operated and includes a 9V battery.

For more information visit their website.

Suggested Retail Price: $49.95


Tami says: "I used this product for several days before reviewing it. I must admit that I was skeptical going in but after using it, I can say that it really does work. It took me a couple of days to get the concentration and relaxation parts right; but, once I figured it out, the NightWave was easy to use. Its small size allows for easy packing to take with you on trips, too."

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Glow Crazy Distance Doodler

What kid doesn’t love glow in the dark toys and coloring?  Now add that to being able to color on the walls without mom freaking out and you’ve got Glow Crazy.

Glow Crazy uses a light wand that beams light from up to ten feet away to make its mark on the reusable canvas decal provided. No mess! (The canvas decals stick on the walls, ceiling and windows but do no damage. They stay stuck for the most part and peel off with no trouble…So if you’re worried about your little one staying up all night playing just take the canvas off the wall!)

Kids & Moms love:

You can draw free hand or use stencils.
A new creative way of showing off artistic abilities.
Beats the heck out of shadow puppets!

What’s In the Box?

Dual Action Magic Light Wand
2 Large Reusable Wall Canvas Clings
4 Stencils
Tip booklet


Tami says: "This is a toy that will keep the kids busy for a while! You can lay the clings on the floor or on a table or stick them on the wall (love the fact that you can remove the clings and there's no residue left behind!) and then turn out the lights and let the fun begin! There are endless games and activities to do with the magic light wand....from tic tac toe, to writing a story, to drawing wild pictures. To use the stencils, all you need to do is shine the wand on the stencils and voila! the picture will appear. That's not can "erase" your pictures with the want or just wait for them to fade away. Great fun to hang near your child's bed or on the ceiling for nighttime activities. Would be great to keep the kids entertained at sleep overs, too!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zazoo Photo Clock

The Zazoo Photo Clock is the contemporary multi-functional answer for your early riser.  For young children who wake too early or do not stay in bed all night, this is the solution for you. Parents get more sleep!  Kids get more sleep!

The Zazoo photo clock is easy to read. When the photo alarm "goes off" the image changes. The digital time is also displayed on the face of the photo clock. Your child will quickly be able to associate the image changing to the time displayed. The clock comes with two pre-programmed image sets of "awake" and "asleep" photo options that help your child know when it is the appropriate time to stay in bed or get up and start the day. The photo alarm has two settings so the photo alarms can be easily set for a nap-time setting and a night-time setting.

You can easily personalize the awake and asleep images so your own child is the star. Just upload your personal pictures and then select.  It is simple. Kids will love to see themselves in pictures on their photo clock.

The clock grows with your child providing a cool, modern accessory for older kids too!  They love the rotating photo frame and music player.

Do you kids love to see pictures of friends and family?  Just upload photos and set to rotate. The Zazoo photo clock frame is a kid-friendly design with an easy to view screen.  Kids will love to see themselves in pictures.  Upload and view your favorite photographs of family and friends. A supplied remote control lets you navigate the photos from the comfort of your chair or bed.

Listen to music and audio books on your Zazoo photo clock. Using the included mini USB you can download your favorite songs to the memory of the photo clock or use the SD/MMC/MS or xD card slots to listen to your favorite tunes, listen to an audio book or watch a video.  Download your selected file to a memory source and play on the photo clock.  The card slots are located on the side of the frame.

The colorful, fun frames look great in children's bedrooms. There are 5 styles available - white, pink stars, numbers, pink peace, blue peace.

For more information and to watch a video of how the clock works, visit Zazoo

~*~* Tami says: We have used this clock for a couple of weeks now and I'm still amazed at what this little machine can do. It's so much more than just an alarm clock! My daughter loves the "cool" factor of this clock. She  can easily upload pictures onto her clock using the USB cable that is supplied with it. Playing music on it is simple, too. You can plug a thumb drive right into the side of the clock or you can upload music from your computer. The remote is laid out in an easy pattern so that children won't have a problem using it. We love this clock because it's a "grow-with-me" product that can be used for years.