Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Tips From Our Forums!

Many readers don't realize that not only does have an awesome blog and website, they also have an active forum community!

I've been involved with this wonderful community for the past 10 years. Today, I'm sharing some of their favorite tips and tricks for making it through the holidays!

Each of these women have earned an award for their tips. Click here to see what these fun awards are all about! 

Sweet Magnolia – Family Time Tip Award
“I used to make homemade hot chocolate while we were putting the tree up and decorating it. I always let the kids help decorate, no matter the size or age they were. It they piled too many up in one spot I simply moved them around on the tree after they went to sleep, they never noticed. We also read the story of the birth of the Christ child and The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.”

Cooked – Home & Garden Tip Award
“One tip I find oh so helpful if you have pets or small children, put your unbreakable ornaments on the bottom part of the tree, they won't break when little hands or tails knock them off.”

RobertaD- Cooking Tip Award
“My neice just graduated college and started working so I'm going to print off my collection of crock pot meals for her.”

Ajrsmom – Frugal Tip Award
“Here's a tip for a stocking stuffer:  Throughout the year Target runs special deals where if you buy a certain number of specific items or just specific items mentioned, they give you a $5.00 gift card. I've recently earned 2 of the $5. cards so I'm going to stick them into my kids' stockings.”

Fish3711 – Craft Tip Award
“I recycle my Christmas Cards. I take the older cards and cut/paste them onto card stock and I make my own Christmas Cards for my family & friends. I also use ribbon and well pretty much anything I find that I think looks good and glue it on the card for decoration. I add a family photo for the finishing touch.”

Stellajean66 – Family Time Tip Award
“In the evenings, as a family, we like to put on some Christmas music, make some hot cocoa or eggnog and sit in front of the tree and enjoy each others Christmas memories.....our son gets to hear our Christmas pasts and he brings smiles to our face with his favorite memories with us.”

Ajrsmom – Frugal Tip Award
“If you have an old jar candle that isn’t pretty enough to set out any longer but you still love the scent, chisel the candle out of the jar and melt the pieces in a candle melt warmer. A jar candle chiseled into pieces will last a very long time in a candle warmer, saving lots of $$$ from not buying new candles.”

 RobertaD – Frugal Tip Award
“I pick up things all year that will make a good gift for someone individually or bundled together with other items.”

KathyMac – Frugal Tip Award
“I collect change and cash it in once or twice over the course of the year. I put this money aside in my "secret hiding place" and don't touch it until it's time to shop. For the first time this year, I am doing all of my shopping with cash. When the cash runs out, the shopping is done.”

Cau – FamilyTime Tip Award
“We have an Advent calendar in the shape of a tree with 25 pockets in it. I put some coins and a few candies but mainly fill it with slips of paper with things like worth 1 job done by mom, your favorite dinner, popcorn and Christmas movie night, no electronics tonight , decorate sweatshirts tonight , go see the Christmas lights tonight etc.”

Cau – Family Time Tip Award
“I make a movie of our Christmas pictures every year.”

Fish3711 – Family Time Tip Award
“We have a Christmas Tree Tradition in my family. It is one I created for my kids, it wasn't one I grew up with. We all go to pick out our tree. Once we've picked it out and brought it home we all choose a name for it and write it on a slip of paper. Then we draw one name out and that is the tree's name.”

Fish3711 – Family Time Tip Award
“When we decorate the tree, I make homemade cookies and hot chocolate & I insist on playing Christmas music. I used to tell my kids the Christmas music is what kept the tree alive thru the holidays!”

RobertaD – Family Time Tip Award
“We have carried on a tradition that DH's family did which is putting up the tree the first day in December that is snows. We have custard after the tree is up and turn all the lights off in the house and listen to Christmas music while watching the tree and eating our custard.”

Bensmom526 – Home & Garden Tip Award
“To save opened gift wrap for next year, unwrap from roll and insert into the card board tube. It won't tear or turn yellow and you can store it in a corner of your closet.”

Bensmom526 – Family Time Tip Award
“To keep the present opening frenzy under control, I wrap each family member's gifts in one pattern of gift wrap. Christmas morning I tell them who has which wrap and run out of the way before I get trampled!”

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Happy Holiday from all of Us at the Forums! 


Thursday, December 1, 2011

New holiday crafts and articles on FC

Good morning, getting ready for the holidays? We trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are preparing Christmas, Hannukah and beyond! Here are a few new additions to, hope you enjoy!

This adorable Paper Bag Gingerbread House is a fun craft for kids and a great way to make a homemade gift.

This stenciled frame is a perfect project for teen girls, makes a great friend gift!

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