Friday, December 18, 2009

Responsible Pet Giving During the Holidays

A perfect Christmas morning: little children diving into a big pile of packages. It is ultimate chaos. What could possibly make it better? A new Christmas pet?

Each year, begging children, and commercials showing a new puppy in a box under the tree, inspire people to give pets as gifts. Why not?

Although the magic moment with the camera might happen, what happens right after that? The new animal has just been brought into ultimate chaos, which is a terrifying experience for the animal. Not only that, but the physical environment is extremely dangerous, and it is a day when all the people are going to be distracted most of the time. The new animal is very likely to eat something that could make it sick. Scarfed tinsel, ribbon, or packing material may require emergency surgery, or even cause death. A bite into a light cord can cause electrocution. You might even step on a pet playing under wrapping paper. Because the people are distracted, it is likely that the new pet will soil a carpet, which is going to make somebody mad.

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