Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cardboard Box Costume Ideas for Halloween

Some adorable costumes have come to light using little more than a cardboard box, some paint, and lots of imagination. Here are several ideas to choose from. Happy Halloween!

All of the costumes listed here use a cardboard box.


1 large box
1 small box
gray hooded sweatsuit
silver spray paint
gray, white, or black gloves
silver face paint
4 plastic milk jug lids
aluminum foil

Seal one end of box with silver duct tape. Leave other end open. Do this with both boxes. Spray paint silver, let dry. When dry, cut circle out of small box so when placed on child's head, the hole will be there for his/her face. Cut open ends off or fold inside box. Follow above instructions for large box, then cut holes for arms. Wrap milk jug lids in aluminum foil, then glue lids on box in front, along bottom as control knobs. use markers (or paint if you prefer) to draw horizontal lines across the front of the box for effect. Paint face silver.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mummy Cookies

Ask your Mummy to bake some mummy cookies for you! These little guys are all wrapped up and just waiting to be eaten. Covered in frosting and white chocolate, they're just too cute to be scary.

What You Need

1 roll of sugar cookie dough or your favorite homemade sugar cookie recipe
1 medium-sized gingerbread boy cookie cutter
"Red Hots" candies or other round candies for eyes
canned vanilla frosting
white chocolate almond bark

Getting Ready

Gather ingredients for the cake according to box directions.

Make sure that children use pot holders and have some handy wipes or a sink nearby to wash hands.

Now you are ready to start making mummy cookies...

The get the instructions go to