Saturday, June 11, 2011

Glow Crazy Distance Doodler

What kid doesn’t love glow in the dark toys and coloring?  Now add that to being able to color on the walls without mom freaking out and you’ve got Glow Crazy.

Glow Crazy uses a light wand that beams light from up to ten feet away to make its mark on the reusable canvas decal provided. No mess! (The canvas decals stick on the walls, ceiling and windows but do no damage. They stay stuck for the most part and peel off with no trouble…So if you’re worried about your little one staying up all night playing just take the canvas off the wall!)

Kids & Moms love:

You can draw free hand or use stencils.
A new creative way of showing off artistic abilities.
Beats the heck out of shadow puppets!

What’s In the Box?

Dual Action Magic Light Wand
2 Large Reusable Wall Canvas Clings
4 Stencils
Tip booklet


Tami says: "This is a toy that will keep the kids busy for a while! You can lay the clings on the floor or on a table or stick them on the wall (love the fact that you can remove the clings and there's no residue left behind!) and then turn out the lights and let the fun begin! There are endless games and activities to do with the magic light wand....from tic tac toe, to writing a story, to drawing wild pictures. To use the stencils, all you need to do is shine the wand on the stencils and voila! the picture will appear. That's not can "erase" your pictures with the want or just wait for them to fade away. Great fun to hang near your child's bed or on the ceiling for nighttime activities. Would be great to keep the kids entertained at sleep overs, too!

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