Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sceptre 19-inch LED HDTV DVD Combo

About this great TV: 

Sleek widescreen LED HDTVs feature built-in DVD players and clutter-free design

Widescreen LED display features ultra-fast 5 ms response time and auto contrast enhancement

DVD player integrated into the unit's ultra-slim design

Dual HDMI ports and a USB port further expands functionality

Energy Star 3.0 complied saves power

Black finish with striking chrome accents

Available at: Target, NewEgg, Sears and Costco

Suggested Retail Price: $269.00

From Our Reviewer: 

Jodi says: "What a space saver! (ultra-slim for sure) Great design with awesome picture clarity. The size is perfect, and can fit just about anywhere! No need for a wall unit, since the DVD player is encased in the unit. This would be great in a kitchen, family room, kids room, or a garage (yes my spouse has a tv mounted in the garage.). Any place you want or need a TV, this is an ideal choice. The 24' comes in chrome, black, red, white, pink, or blue and you can match it any décor is just awesome!

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