Friday, April 17, 2009

Edible Crawlies for Kids

Earth Day is all about nature, the planet, and all those that inhabit it. Well who says that learning can't be fun... and tasty too! Try some of these adorable snacks with your kids while explaining the importance of respecting nature and all that live around us.

Note: some treats are not pictures, be sure to FC for all the ideas!

To make some of these treats, you may need some of the following ingredients:

graham crackers, crushed
chocolate sprinkles
snack sized resealable plastic bags
celery stalks
peanut butter
black or chocolate licorice twists
fudge sandwich cookies
chocolate frosting
red cinnamon candies
crunchy chow mein noodles
muenster cheese (or other soft block cheese)
peanut butter
chow mein noodles

Visit to try all the Edible Crawlies for Kids and to get a printer friendly version!

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