Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Basic Herb Gardening

Everyday in grocery stores across America, people are standing in the herb aisle in amazement! How could such a little bottle of something cost so much! If you do decide to buy the herbs you find in the stores, chances are the taste is not what you had hoped for. Today, herbs are very popular and consumers have to dig deep to afford the herbs they need for tasteful healthier cooking, medicinal needs and crafts. Still, what other choice do you have?

Grow your own! They taste great, smell great and have many uses. It's easier than you think and with spring coming now is the time to started.

The First Step
Most herbs can grow just about anywhere. I remember many summers as a child chewing on wild mint from the yard. You too, probably have wild herbs growing in your backyard. Some herbs do well anywhere but others need specific climates and care to thrive. Choosing herbs for your climate helps ensure a successful garden. You can find your correct zone by looking at gardening websites or on your next visit to your local library. You can also call your local county agricultural office or 4-H extension agent. Other things you will want to decide is what kind of herbs do you want to grow? What kind of herb garden do you want? Inside or outside? Formal? Informal? How do you choose plants? What methods of planting should you use?

Let's Get Started
There are many types of herb gardens. Many gardeners use them all. Heres a look at a few to see what kind you would like best.

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