Friday, May 15, 2009

3 Step Solution to Cleaning for Busy Moms

Children need picking up after soccer practice? Super Mom to the rescue! Dinner needs to get on the table? Once again, Super Mom is there! A task at work that no one else wants to tackle? You already know who will deal with it - you. With the stresses of your day-to-day life, housecleaning is likely the last thing on your mind. And yet, it's hard to ignore, since the proof of it equals a cluttered, messy house - definitely not the happy haven you want your home to be.

Here, then, is a simple 3-step solution to help finally solve the hassle of housecleaning. If you're a 'happy slob' like me - just a laid back, fun natured person who'd rather be doing anything but cleaning - then it might be exactly the solution you've been looking for.

The 3-Step Solution Simplified:

1. Two daily cleaning bursts. What is a cleaning burst? A cleaning burst is an intense burst of cleaning - getting maximum results in minimum time. Try to do one cleaning burst in the morning and one in the evening. You decide how much time you can budget for each burst. Only five minutes? Fine! If you've got twenty, great! Use a timer to keep track, and when it rings, you're done. During your cleaning bursts, stay focused on cleaning - and clean your impact areas first (the areas that people see the most in your home.) Get family involved, even if they only help for a few minutes.

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