Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 Tips For Good Study Skills

One of the main things that kids struggle with during their school years are proper study habits. Developing a habit can take a couple of weeks, so be consistent, and implement these ten tips to help them study better.

1. A consistent time and place is best. If your child has a desk, have them use it to study, and they should study at a regular time each day. If no desk is available, establish a "study place" to use each time.

2. Studying should begin immediately when your child sits down. Don't let them fall into other distractions, like answering emails from friends or doodling. They can do those things later, as a reward for themselves, when they get their studying done!

3. Help your child plan what they need to accomplish. At the beginning of the study session, help them write down exactly what they want to get done (complete two pages of an essay, finish a paper, write a short story, answer ten math questions, learn a new computer function, etc).

4. Large tasks should be broken down into smaller ones. For example, if an essay is to be written, the tasks might include coming up with a thesis, writing a solid first paragraph, planning out the points that need to be covered, researching those points, writing each section, etc.

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