Wednesday, May 6, 2009

13 Tips To Help Get Your Kids Organized

We all know that we want to be a good example to our kids.

What habits will they grow up with as they watch our organizational behaviors? If we don't respectfully put away our things, why should they? It's not difficult to get them involved. They want to improve the rooms they live in. Ask them if they would like a new paint color and watch how excited they get at the choices you just gave them. Choice is at the heart of it all. They want to be able to decide. They love being given that authority. Let's encourage that!

Let Them Help! Let them tell you what they are ready to get rid of. Often it is the adults that are more attached to the memory of the item than the child. Keep only those things that you both can't live without.

Sort, Toss, Donate. They should be a part of the organizing process. When purging items, have kids pick out their favorite toys and discard the old, out grown or broken ones. Give good used toys to a local charity. Kids love knowing they are helping someone else. Donate clothes too.

Use clear plastic containers with hinged lids, for storing small toys. Make the storage age appropriate using labels with pictures instead of words for young children. Let them help make the labels. Use filing boxes for awards, cards and reports. Make one file for each child.

One In / One Out. Utilize this important organizing rule. One in One out simply means, if you bring home one new toy or one new pair of shoes, you should be willing to give one of the same away.

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