Saturday, April 23, 2011

Silly Bandz: The Game for your iOS devices

The Silly Bandz phase has caught on everywhere! Now you can play Silly Bandz: The Game on your IPhone, IPod Touch or on your IPad. Stella the Puppy, the official bulldog mascot of Silly Bandz, is there to help offer instructions on how to play the game, as well as, offering very helpful tips along the way.

Featuring 30 challenging levels set in beach, forest and volcano environments, boys and girls will delight in shooting Silly Bandz, like rubber bands, to collect stars that are hidden around Magical Island.

Once all of the Silly Bandz have been collected, the player moves on to the next level, earning even more Silly Bandz to use in the harder levels. Even if you think that you're not interested in playing this game, try it out. It's addicting! My daughter and I had a great time challenging each other to beat our high scores. Of course, she had to be covered head to toe in Silly Bandz while playing the game!

 Silly Bandz for iPhone and iPod Touch will be available on the App Store soon for $0.99. The iPad version of Silly Bandz will be available on the same day for $1.99.

Also published by Zoo Publishing, Silly Bandz for the Nintendo DS is now available nationwide for $29.99 and includes a set of exclusive video game themed Silly Bandz bracelets.

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