Tuesday, March 16, 2010

World’s Largest Water SlideAThon

I wanted to share with you this super fun event that benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters. On March 26-27, 2010 all 11 Great Wolf Lodge locations will attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Record for the longest distance traveled on waterslides over a 24-hour period.

Great Wolf will accept donations to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters - and the company will match the amount collected up to $50,000. The King’s Island, Pocono Mountains, and Kansas City Lodges will host Grand Opening Celebrations (including the Guinness attempt), where the winning families of the recent First Families Sweepstakes will be the first to count toward the Guinness record at these properties.

FamilyCorner.com had the pleasure of visiting a Great Wolf Lodge location this past summer and it was a fabulous experience! We'll be sharing more info about that at a later date. Meanwhile, here's the press release for anyone who is interested in attending!

Great Wolf Lodge at Kings Island Unveils World’s First
Triple-Funnel Waterslide
Guinness Book of World Records Attempt in Late March to Celebrate New Slides at
Great Wolf Lodge Locations at Kings Island, Kansas City, and Pocono Mountains

MADISON, Wis. (March 4, 2010) -- Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.® (NASDAQ: WOLF), North America’s largest family of indoor waterpark resorts, unveiled its first of three new waterslides this year. The Triple Twist, which opened today at Great Wolf Lodge at Kings Island, is a first-of-its-kind-in-the-world slide. New slides at two other resort locations will open by the end of March.

The Triple Twist is a five-story waterslide featuring a high speed drop into a huge funnel, followed by twists and turns, and two more funnels. Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City is scheduled to open its version of The Triple Twist on March 12, with Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono Mountains scheduled to open Double Barrel Drop on March 26. The new Pocono Mountains attraction, which will be the first indoor waterslide of its kind in the world, is a six-story adventure that starts with a high speed drop into a huge funnel, a 450 degree turn into a dark vortex tunnel, and then a second funnel. All three new waterslides will include lighting and special effects to enhance the rider experience.

“We’re proud to continue leading the waterpark industry in new ride innovations, like being the first in the world to have The Triple Twist,” said Tim Black, executive vice president of operations. “This is only the start of a really big year for Great Wolf Lodge, and we’re excited to unveil these first pieces of the puzzle just in time for spring break,”

To celebrate these three new attractions, all 11 Great Wolf Lodge locations will participate in an attempt to break a world’s record on March 26-27. The Great Wolf Lodge “World’s Largest Waterslide-athon” will take place over 24 consecutive hours with one designated slide per resort. Every slider who descends the designated slide will count toward breaking the record for longest distance traveled on waterslides over a 24 hour period. The current Guinness World Record for this attempt was set in Germany in 2007 with a total distance of 843 miles.

Participants in the Great Wolf Lodge “World’s Largest Waterslide-athon” will be asked to donate $1, with proceeds from the company’s U.S. locations going to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the company’s charity of choice. Great Wolf Resorts will be matching each donation, up to $50,000.

The grand opening celebration and Guinness Record attempt at the end of March will include the three “First Families,” winners of a sweepstakes held earlier this year to promote the new attractions. The First Families of Great Wolf at King’s Island, Kansas City, and Pocono Mountains will be the first to have their rides down the slides count toward the Guinness World Record attempt at those locations.

For more information, visit www.greatwolf.com/worldrecord.

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