Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Rides from Radio Flyer

Everyone remembers Radio Flyer, famous for their wonderful red wagons. If you never owned one, chances are you rode in one or pulled one at some point in your life! Well now, Radio Flyer has added to their arsenal of indestructible toys by rolling out the Scoot 2 Skate and the Smooth Rider, ridable toys ranging from age 3 through the tween years.

The Scoot 2 Skate is ideal for younger children who are just learning how to ride a skateboard. There's a removable handle that allows children (ages 3-8) to ride the skateboard like a scooter until they are ready to remove the handle and go it alone!

For older kids, there's the Smooth Rider, a retro-style scooter perfect for kids 9 and up, and it's even strong enough to hold teens, and even a goofball dad if he dares! 

Dominic, my 11 year old, easily glides down the street on the Smooth Rider and really enjoyed trying out this fun new scooter. Out of the box they were simple enough for my kids to put together on their own as well. The Smooth Rider has a folding feature, which came in quite handy when Dominic left it at a friend's house and had to carry it home while riding his bike!

These two new riders are definitely worth a look. More information below:

Radio Flyer Smooth Rider

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: With high performance features and a cool, classic design, the Radio Flyer Smooth Rider scooter is perfect for cruising around town with friends.

Experienced riders will appreciate the ultra-smooth, ultra-comfortable ride delivered by the extra large 170 mm wheels and precision ball bearings. The Smooth Rider also comes equipped with:
1.    Wider and longer deck for easy foot placement
2.    Hand and footbrakes for added control
3.    Classic retro look

·      Extra-large 170mm wheels
·      Classically-styled wood deck
·      ABEC-5 high performance ball bearings
·      Hand and foot brakes for added control
·      Adjustable handlebar
·      Foldable handle for easy storage and portability

The Smooth Rider is available at retailers nationwide for the suggested retail price of $99.99.

Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Skate

Aspiring skaters will ride with confidence on the Scoot 2 Skate from Radio Flyer. This beginner skateboard is a 2-in-1 value that offers two ways to ride:   
1.    Scooter mode: teaches kids how to balance and control in scooter mode
2.    Skateboard mode: the handle removes completely allowing full skateboard functionality once riders are ready

The product also has an authentic skateboard look and real skateboard trucks in both riding modes.

·      2 ways to ride: scooter and skateboard mode
·      Wood deck with non-skid surface on top
·      Cool skateboard graphics underneath deck
·      For ages 3-8 years old

Scoot 2 Skate is available at retailers for a suggested retail price of $39.99

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