Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Tbox - perfect for teens!

For teenage girls, that "time of the month" can create an awkward situation around friends. What young lady wants to rifle around in her purse looking for a tampon? Tbox is a fashionable box that fits into your purse, or better yet, hangs inside your school locker, giving you discreet and easy access to those little unmentionables.

The Tbox Tampon Holder holds up to 8 tampons and comes in fun girlie designs. For locker use, the suction cup sticks to the side of lockers, or remove the suction cup to carry in a backpack. No one has to see tweens/teens personal hygiene items ever again!

Get more information about how to buy the Tbox at http://www.tboxgirl.com/

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