Sunday, July 3, 2011

Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps: Teach this Easy Method in Just 5 minutes!

All kids want to recall their multiplication facts automatically. But if they can’t, Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps® is for them. If they can count, they can multiply - and get the right answer every time!

Touch ~ See ~ Understand

Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps® is perfect when you want to teach someone . . . quickly and easily, so they feel confident and proud.

If you’re like most people, when you read about something new, you become a skeptic. “Yeah, right . . . What’s the catch?” may enter your mind. But with Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps® there is no catch. The concept is so utterly simple it will be hard to believe there hasn’t been a book written on this method until now.

The Sticks and Steps® method eliminates frustration. No more multiplication charts! No more embarrassing tallies that get lost on the page! Here’s an inconspicuous way to get the answer fast. This hands-on multi-sensory approach helps information stick better, which leads the way to better understanding of math concepts.

Best of all, the Sticks and Steps® method is easy to learn, easy to teach, and so logical, it’s easy to remember. It requires no aids or expense, other than this reasonably priced instruction book.

If you’re a parent or teacher, you will be amazed at how quickly your child will catch on to the Sticks and Steps® concept. With your help, they will experience the joy of learning.

Suggested Retail Price: $14.95

Ages: 8+

~*~*Tami says: "My daughter is heading into 3rd grade next year so to give her a heads up on multiplying and dividing, we are using this book. The book is laid out in a simple way that's easy for children to understand. I would definitely recommend this book for parents or teachers who are teaching these areas of math."

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