Monday, June 14, 2010

The Bheestie Bag really works!

In our Father's Day gift round up I mentioned several products, one of them was the Bheestie Bag. This bag claims to be able to revive electronic equipment that has been damaged by water, even those that have been submerged.

Well this weekend we went camping. My digital camera was sitting on the picnic table when hubby and I had to go up to the camping office for something. During that time it started to rain. The camera was unfortunately positioned directly underneath the heavily dripping end of the camper awning. And when I say heavily dripping, I really mean to say POURING. Needless to say my camera was drenched. I removed the batteries and memory card and dried off the camera with a towel. I couldn't put the camera in the bag immediately, I had to wait until we got home, which wouldn't be for several hours yet.

Once I got home I tried putting new batteries in, but the camera would not turn on. Devastation! So I placed the camera in the Bheestie Bag and left it in over night. It was in the bag for about 14 hours. I just took it out and put the batteries in and the camera turned on, took a picture, I can delete, go through saved photos, everything! It WORKS!

I'm really pleased with this bag. We've had several mishaps with electronics and water, I will definitely be holding on to this bag!

If you'd like to have your own Bheestie Bag, check out their website below. This is a $20 investment you'll definitely want to make. It saved me several hundred dollars just this weekend alone!

Get The Bheestie Bag

Men love their gadgets, now there's a way to make sure their favorite toys are protected from water damage!

BHEESTIE Bag(r) is a brand new innovation designed to 'dry out' electronic devices, from iPods to cell phones and even digital cameras, Bheestie has you covered.

You just drop the wet gadget in, zip and seal. Within 24-72 hours it's working as good as new.

Dads will be glad they have this on hand, especially when they have little ones around who tend to spill. And it's only $20.00, sure to save dads hundreds!

Check out the Bheestie bag at their website


  1. Yeaaa, the camara is saved! I was worried for you because I know how exspencive a camara can be. (I've been looking). I'm happy to hear the bag pulled through. I heard rice works well to if your ever in a pinch. But I'm glad you had the bag and could use it right away!

    Hope you had a great camping weekend!

  2. Baggie full of uncooked rice works just as well