Monday, September 21, 2009

Cut Your Future Holiday Bills in Half

Most of us have a certain number of holidays that we celebrate each and every year. That means quite a number of extra "gifts" will need to be purchased for family and friends.

Here's how you can get the best bargains on holiday merchandise, and how you can save quite a bit off your "gift" bills.

Here's What Happens

Every single year, about a month and a half prior to any "major" (popular) holiday, most retail and department stores offer holiday related merchandise. For example, you'll probably find:

Halloween Costumes - October
Santa related decorations - December
Autumn and turkey decor - November
Hearts/Candy assortments - February

As each holiday approaches, the majority of the general public rush to buy these high priced "holiday" gifts a few weeks or days before the celebration. Stores expect this. They love the holidays.


Simple. Hundreds and thousands of eager shoppers will come through their door and spend, spend, spend.


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