Monday, August 31, 2009

Autumn Garden Chores

Autumn is the time for garden clean-up! I know it seems like a droll chore, but it really isn't. Any work you do now, while it's cool, will make for an enjoyable spring and summer.

Clean all of your garden and yard tools, then wipe them down with some 3 in 1 type oil on an old rag. Store them in your garage or shed together where you will easily locate them in the spring.

As your potted plants finish up, rinse out your pots and set them out to dry-then store them together for the winter in a sheltered location. If you want to clean any that may have had disease or just look a little rough, use a solution of water and bleach. Do use gloves and do this outside though! Dump the dirt from the pots in a pile and add chopped up leaves, plants you've pulled up and grass clippings. Even if you don't normally compost you can do this in a corner of your yard without much effort! The items will decompose if you dampen them now and then, and turn them with a shovel. You can add vegetable and fruit peelings too!

Gather up your lawn ornaments that you think won't weather well, and store them as well, again cleaning them first.

Take one flower bed at a time, and cut down anything that has finished blooming. If you don't do this you'll have a mushy mess in the spring. Some exceptions are plants you want to reseed, but many of them have scattered seeds, so even they can be cut down. Also any plants that are still blooming should be left to enjoy! Remember too, you still have time to move daylilies, oriental lilies, irises, peonies, and many other plants.

Planting bulbs and moving plants is a good thing to do at the same time so you can visualize where you want everything as you plant. Also, compare bloom times and try to stagger these if possible.

I like doing these chores as we get into fall instead of waiting and having to rush to get it done all at once. It makes for an enjoyable autumn season, and it's a great excuse to get outside in the yard!

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  1. I prefer waiting until mid to late September to ready the garden and beds for winter. We'll still have a few hours to enjoy the porches, watch the sun set and the puppies play as the year winds down.
    The hummingbirds don't leave until mid to late September and that's when I'll time my preparations for autumn and then winter.